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From 123456 to dadada, Here Are Top 4 Tips To Create A Strong Password

“I changed all my passwords to “incorrect”. So whenever I forget, it will tell me your password is “incorrect”.” Wish things could have been this easy. With a myriad of security breaches and hacks that are happening, it has left all of us to think about just how safe we are. You can have almost no idea about when, where and how some eyes might be prying on you.


We have put together top 4 tips for our readers, which if they follow, will make their password next to impossible to crack-

  • The Golden Rule- the longer the better
    Yes friends, the longer your password will be, the difficult it would be for someone to crack.  Always go for a minimum of 12 to 14 characters (or the maximum of what some websites allow if that is less than 12).
  • Just Avoid Names, Places and Dictionary words
    The study has shown that many security breaches occur from the “inside”. So, it will be easy for them to guess your password if they even share a relation that is more than an acquaintance. Also, dictionary words are just easy to crack. Any word on its own is not good to use as a password.
  • Shuffle it up
    Create a blend of words, numbers and special symbols (you can also generate one with online password manager.) This makes it exceptionally harder for the various techniques that the hackers use to breach in your account.
  • Most Importantly, never, never ever reuse the same password
    This is one of the biggest mistakes that people do when they are online. This one simple mistake allows the hacker to take control of your whole virtual world. It has known to create some serious hacks in the past, where hackers even got hold of people’s bank account!

Creating a login id and a password is now have been made a must on almost every other address on the Internet. This makes it difficult to remember so many passwords (when already you have so much going on in your mind.)Do notworry; this is where online password manager and we come in.

LogmeOnce provides easy, efficient and an effective solution to password management. Our software provides you with a simple and fun way to maintain top-notch security for your various online accounts.

Visit us( today to make password management easy


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