Best Online Password Manager

Next Level of Password Security Manager is Here

Have you ever felt insecure sharing your images online or letting someone access your personal computer system in your absence, even when the person is known to you? Everybody is paranoid and fears that the information they use or share is being watched and could be misused somehow.


If you too think like this, then you might be thinking right! Cyber crime has increased tenfold in the past decade. With more and more people having access to computers, laptops, and personal mobile devices, they have fallen into the risk of getting their data stolen without their knowledge. It is observed that people and businesses are keen on staying connected to the world digitally, which is like icing on the cake for hackers who can easily control any device connected to the internet.


If you are under the impression that there is nothing secret or valuable you have with you which can be stolen, then you are living in misconception. Identity thefts are a common occurrence where hackers steal your personal information and sell it to highest bidders to forge a duplicate identity of yours to be used by anyone.Capturex

There is a revolutionary solution to protect your system and its data. Programmers have developed various software’s that can help you to protect your data as well as other valuable information in some very easy steps. These are known as one system application based online password manager. In such software, there is no need to enter password or type login to gain access to your system, hence eliminating the risk of cyber attacks on your password.

Such websites use image verification technology from your system’s webcam, which directly sends a validation request to your registered mobile. After accepting the valid image request, you get to access your desktop and data inside it. The image that is sent from the system webcam lasts for 60 seconds until it gets discarded, making it hard to crack. You can choose any image from your webcam and authenticate it.

Apart from photo login, these high-tech websites use other methods of verification such as fingerprint login, pattern login, and your standard password login as well. It is safe, reliable and a patented technology which ensures your data and privacy is safe. You will find many websites which can protect your data; but, out of all LogMeOnce is one of the best online password manager software available. And the best part is that this password manager is free to install and use.


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