Best Online Password Manager – Logmeonce

With the ever rising trend of working online, every single individual has quite a number of login details that are used on daily basis. Moreover, with every single website having the policy of strong password, it seems a cumbersome task to remember all the password credentials by heart. Well, there are several tricks to a secure and safe password management, one being keeping all the details in an encrypted text file. To decrypt that file, you require one single password. But still for some people, it may be a rough alternative and they always try to find out the best on line password manager.

These online password managers are different kinds of programs that have various feature and security options top safeguard the login credentials. Before choosing an online password manager, one should look for certain features and if it suits their needs or not. Below we have listed a few features cum characteristics of a good online password manager for the effective management of passwords: slide-n-1

Strongly encrypted: The password manager should always store the login details in an encrypted form. It should be tested properly and strongly encrypted so that even if the device where you kept the passwords gets misplaced, nobody should be able to reach the important credentials.

Use of secure memory: The password manager is of no use if the source memory can be easily copied, rewritten or shared with page file or on the disk memory. At these sources, it can be easily cracked and recovered by any amateur hacker.

User friendly: This is one of the most important features of a good online password manager. It should be simple, easy to understand and quick. The features involved in the software should be simple so that a layman can also use it without facing any hard time. If the password manager is tacky and lacks functionality, then it would definitely become obsolete.

    Design verification: Design verification is of utmost importance when it comes to the password manager as it is used to access other online accounts and applications that are somehow also involved in data privacy and security. The source software should ideally be open to the analysis as well as verification.

Though several other features are also there, but the aforementioned points can give you a head start to find the best online password manager for you. If you are seeking a password manager with additional features and state of the art security, try Logme Once. Visit their website to know more.


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